While we may toss around a lot of high-minded ideas like creating a “healthy, equitable, and sustainable food system for all,” at the end of the day the FPC is a results-driven organization.

It’s one step to get comfortable with the ideas of sustainability: environmental health, strong communities, and economic prosperity.  With over 200 community gardens and over 20 farmers markets in Cuyahoga County, the urban gardeners and local foodies in this area are taking the next step and really starting to make sustainability a reality.  Just the same, food access and nutrition specialists are steadily turning food deserts into healthy food environments across the city of Cleveland.  And we at the Coalition aim to follow suit by assisting on policy and projects that lead to an all-around healthier food system.  We do this by acting in four types of ways:

  • Policy
  • Research & Analysis
  • Programs
  • Education & Outreach

On each of these four Results pages you’ll find an easy-to-scan list of outcomes and initiatives the Coalition has facilitated or contributed to.  With each item you’ll find links to supporting documentation (like downloadable documents and articles), as well as links to relevant narrative sections on the Working Group pages (where applicable).  We hope seeing what we’ve been able to do through our broad partnerships and committed membership will inspire you to join us on future projects.