Studies show that the human growth hormone (HGH) declines by 15% each decade, starting from the age of 30 years.

Similarly, testosterone levels also start going down around the same time.

This decline in the two key hormones affects physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Most men start experiencing ‘andropause’ or male menopause characterized by lack of energy, fat build-up, and low libido.

Fortunately, it is possible to jumpstart the body’s natural production of these hormones and re-set the effects of aging.

This can be done by taking an HGH enhancer, such as Provacyl.

In this review, we will tell you exactly how Provacyl works, what it’s made of, and what benefits it can give you.

We will also tell you where to buy it, how much it costs and share some pros & cons.

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What is Provacyl?

Provacyl is a dietary supplement that will jumpstart your body’s production of HGH and testosterone.

In doing so, it will help you fight the unpleasant effects of ‘andropause’ or male menopause, such as those described above.

As a result, you will enjoy an increase in muscle mass, sexual desire, mental clarity, energy, and better moods.

To do all this, Provacyl relies on a combination of natural ingredients that constitute of amino acids, peptides, mineral nutrients, and herbal extracts.

The efficacy of these ingredients is backed by scientific studies and articles published in reputed journals over the years.

If you take this supplement as directed, you will start seeing significant improvements in energy, sex drive, and focus in only thirty days.

About the brand

Provacyl is manufactured by Leading Edge Health, a sports and health supplements company based in Victoria, Canada.

Leading Edge Health has been in the dietary supplement market for close to two decades and is known for products such as VigRX Plus, Semenax, and Volume Pills.

This brand prides itself on using the finest, freshest ingredients made in the same cGMP certified facilities as big brands like Albertsons, Rite Aid, and Safeway.

More importantly, Leading Edge relies on scientifically proven formulas in its products to ensure maximum effectiveness.

How does Provacyl work?

provacyl label

As men (and women) age, the body naturally slows down the production of crucial hormones like HGH and testosterone.

According to Healthline, a decline in these elements causes low libido, poor sleep, weight gain, lack of energy, and irritability.

Provacyl works by jumpstarting the body’s production of these crucial hormones to reverse the signs of aging and andropause.

It does this by harnessing the power of carefully selected amino acids, herbs, and nutrients that make up its formula.

Studies have shown, for instance, that L-Arginine can increase HGH levels by 100% during rest and 300-500% during exercise.

Herbs such as Muira Pauma and Ginseng are potent aphrodisiacs, traditionally used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Zinc and D-Aspartic Acid are used in this formula for their ability to increase testosterone levels.

Finally, Provacyl also increases energy levels and boosts moods and focus.

Provacyl benefits

The benefits you will get from using this dietary supplement include:

  • Increased HGH and testosterone levels.
  • Better mental focus.
  • Improved moods.
  • A boost in energy.
  • Improved libido and stronger erections.
  • An increase in lean muscle mass.

Ingredients list

Provacyl uses pure, natural ingredients such as:

  • Glutamine– This amino acid is useful in many body processes, particularly in the building of protein and supporting the immune system. According to WebMD, Glutamine is made in the muscles and used up by the body, especially in times of stress, and also provides energy to different body cells.
  • GABA– GABA is an amino acid that is produced in the brain and works as a neurotransmitter. This means that it facilitates communication between brain cells. It reduces the activity of neurons in the central nervous system, which reduces stress, boosts relaxation, and balances moods.
  • Ginkgo Biloba– This herb has been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years. It has been seen to increase blood flow to the brain, improving memory. It is also an antioxidant that protects cells from free-radical damage.
  • DHEA– DHEA is a hormone naturally produced by the adrenal gland. It aids in the production of other hormones, such as testosterone. According to the Mayo Clinic, DHEA can slow down the aging process, improve cognitive abilities, and reduce depression.
  • Vitamin B6– Also known as Pyridoxine, this vitamin helps to regulate hormones in the body, including testosterone, the mood-regulating hormone serotonin, and the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. Another function of vitamin B is to synthesize energy in the body.

Other ingredients in Provacyl include:

  • Vitamin D3.
  • Vitamin K2.
  • Zinc.
  • D-Aspartic Acid.
  • Anterior Pituitary.
  • Hypothalamus.
  • L-Pyroglutamate.
  • Long jack (Tongkat).
  • Soy Phosphate Complex.
  • Acai Fruit.
  • Swedish flower pollen.
  • Ginseng.
  • Magnesium.
  • Muira Pauma.
  • L-Lysine.

Provacyl user reviews

Here are some of the testimonials from men who have been using Provacyl:

This user says:

‘I have to admit I didn’t think there was anything natural that can help with my mood and stress, which led to feeling flat even sexually. Then I came across Provacyl, and things started to change. I started to feel good, and my mood improved, and the best thing is that I started to get my morning bars back.’

Another happy customer adds:

‘Two years of steady use, no bad effects. Some weight loss and increased energy.’

Joseph reports:

‘I need to tell you at first, I gained energy, and I thought that was all… but it was way more. I lost a few pounds and slimmed down. But I really didn’t know mentally how good your product made me feel until I stopped taking it.’

Where to buy Provacyl and how much it costs

Provacyl is available for purchase from its official website .

Buying from these two sources is your best bet of getting a genuine product, something that you can’t be sure of when you order from third parties.

The manufacturer also offers the best price discounts for the product, often including free shipping and solid money-back guarantees.

On the official website Provacyl is available in the following options:

One-month supply – See deal

  • 1 pack: $59.95 + shipping.
  • Free $25 Natural Health Source Gift Card.

Three-month supply – See deal

  • 3 packs: $154.95.
  • Free express global shipping.
  • Free $25 Natural Health Source Gift Card.

Six-month supply – See deal

  • 6 packs: $268.95.
  • Free express global shipping.
  • Free $25 Natural Health Source Gift Card.

Twelve-month supply – See deal

  • 12 packs: $388.95.
  • Free express shipping.
  • Free $25 Natural Health Source Gift Card.

Usage and dosage

Each pack of Provacyl contains 120 tablets.

The manufacturer recommends that you take two tablets in the morning and two in the afternoon, preferably with a meal.

You are cautioned not to take more than four tablets in a day.

You should start seeing significant changes within 30 days of taking this supplement, but full effects will take about three months to kick in.

Because this is a natural supplement, you must continue taking it every day to experience its benefits.

Who should use Provacyl?

Provacyl is designed for men who are already grappling with symptoms of aging, such as weight gain, low libido, lack of strength, and poor sleep.

It is also useful for middle-aged men who would like to ward off these effects before they manifest.

Generally, otherwise healthy men can also use this dietary supplement to naturally increase their energy, mental capabilities, muscle mass, and sexual drive.

Are there side effects?

Provacyl does not cause any adverse side effects.

This is because it is formulated from pure, quality natural ingredients in appropriate doses.

It does not have any stimulants, synthetic additives, allergens, or GMO elements.

In the customer reviews we saw, none made any complaints about side effects.

Pros & cons


  • Boosts testosterone and HGH levels.
  • Increases energy and mental focus.
  • Enhances libido and erection strength.
  • formula backed by scientific research.
  • Made from natural ingredients with no side effects.
  • Manufactured by a reputable company.
  • Comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee.
  • Ships globally.


  • Must be taken every day to sustain results.
  • Free shipping does not apply to the one-month package.
  • The product has few customer testimonials.

Provacyl review: final verdict

Provacyl tablets

In this Provacyl review, we told you how you could increase your HGH and testosterone levels safely and naturally.

By taking four tablets a day, you can boost your energy levels, enhance libido and erection strength, increase muscle mass, and improve cognitive function.

To gain and sustain all these benefits, however, you must continue taking this supplement every day.

Because it is made from natural ingredients, you should not worry about any nasty side effects.

To allow you to purchase in bulk, the manufacturer is offering huge discounts for larger packages, including free shipping.

If, for any reason, the product doesn’t give the results you were looking for, you can take advantage of the money-back guarantee to return it.

However, you must ensure that you do the return within the 67-day window to guarantee a refund (minus shipping).

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms described in this review, your HGH and testosterone levels may be low.

We highly recommend that you try Provacyl today and take back control of your life!

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