Losing weight and achieving your ideal body is not only good for health, but it boosts self-esteem.

When you have confidence in yourself, you can achieve any life goals that you set.

The market has numerous solutions for weight loss, such as diets, pills, supplements, and exercise regimes.

If you are in the market for a dietary supplement, you might find it challenging to pick one.

That is why an analysis such as this one is useful.

In this review, we will look at Instant Knockout, one of the most advanced slimming pills in the market.

We will tell you how it works, its benefits, and whether it has any side effects.

We will also share some reviews from real customers who have used it with great success.

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What is Instant Knockout?

instant knockout box

Instant Knockout is a potent fat burner that promises to erase even the most stubborn fat.

This supplement was initially designed for MMA fighters and pro athletes but has now become available for everybody.

Whether you are struggling with belly fat, man boobs, or your thighs and hips, this fat burner will melt all that fat.

Primarily, it works by boosting the body’s metabolism, slowing down fat storage, and encouraging its conversion to energy.

Instant Knockout is formulated from ten cutting edge fat burners that are scientifically proven to give results.

These ingredients are a combination of natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals that will not cause any adverse side effects.

When combined with a proper diet and exercise, this fat burner will deliver the body you have always wanted.

About the brand

Instant Knockout is manufactured by Roar Ambition, a company based in the United Kingdom.

Roar Ambition makes premium sports and health supplements, and some of its most popular products include 4Gauge, Prime Male, and Testofuel.

This company prides itself on conducting thorough nutrition research to develop the most effective formulas in the market.

Other than being 100% natural, these formulas are constantly improved and updated to give you the best benefits.

Roar Ambition has distribution centers in the US and UK from where orders are shipped worldwide.

How does Instant Knockout work?

Instant Knockout boxes

Instant Knockout works in three distinct ways to aid in fat loss:

It boosts the body’s metabolic rate

Instant Knockout speeds up the body’s metabolism, encouraging fat burning and therefore reducing the amount of fat stored in the body. It also ensures that your body keeps burning calories, whether you are working out or watching tv. An article from Harvard Health confirms that people with a high metabolism continue to burn calories even during rest.

Reduces cravings

When you continuously reach out for snacks, sometimes unhealthy ones, you make your weight loss journey harder. The long waits between meals can accelerate the need to snack. Instant Knockout keeps you feeling full all day, eliminating the need for snacks.

It boosts energy

This fat burner provides the body with enough power to plow through workouts. It also ensures that you don’t feel overly fatigued after an intense workout.

Instant Knockout benefits

The benefits you can expect from this fat burner are:

  • Increased metabolism leading to fat loss.
  • Higher energy levels.
  • Reduced cravings and better appetite control.
  • A toned, sculptured body.
  • Increased confidence from achieving your dream body.

Ingredients list

instant knockout label

Some of the ingredients in this fat burner include:

  • Green tea extract- This is the most critical ingredient in this formula. It boosts metabolism and encourages the breakdown of stored fat. According to Healthline, green tea contains substances like caffeine and catechins that stimulate the body’s metabolism.
  • Cayenne pepper seeds– Cayenne contains a fat-fighting compound called capsaicin.  This component improves the body’s sensitivity to insulin, raising it as much as 24%, according to some studies.
  • Glucomannan- This ingredient is extracted from the konjac plant. It is a fiber that expands when ingested, and that does not get digested in the stomach. It, therefore, keeps you feeling full for a long time, effectively curbing cravings and improving your appetite.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous– This ingredient stimulates the nervous system to give you strength and power to sustain your workouts. It also sharpens your cognitive abilities making you more alert and focused. Finally, caffeine reduces fatigue and contributes to overall fat burning.
  • Vitamin B12– B vitamins are essential as they help the body to convert food into energy. Vitamin B12 helps to break down fatty acids, improve digestion, and maximize protein synthesis.

Other ingredients in Instant Knockout are:

  • Vitamin B6.
  • GTF Chromium.
  • Zinc.
  • Piperine.
  • Green coffee bean.

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Instant Knockout user reviews

instant knockout fat burner

Here are some testimonials from people who have used Instant Knockout:

Costas from Greece says:

‘I was severely frustrated when I discovered the Instant Knockout. I tried several things, including visiting a nutritionist and some “popular” weight loss products without success. I have been using Instant Knockout for three and a half months now, and I can tell you this stuff is magical. I’m losing 2 – 2.5 kg (4.5 – 5.5 pounds) per month without any side effects, and the results are a constant month in, month out.’

Maz from Australia reports:

I decided to try Instant Knockout after trying several other fat burners, and after tons of research, I took the leap. Boy, am I glad I did! I had increased energy, stopped eating out of boredom, and felt so much stronger at the gym. I was on fire! I can’t believe I was once 25kg heavier and now able to be on stage!’

Nick from the USA adds:

Upon starting the first month of Instant Knockout, I immediately felt a difference in metabolic rate. The steady supply of caffeine in each pill kept me energized and more focused. In a single month, I went from 187 pounds down to 179 while strength training.’

Where to buy Instant Knockout and how much it costs

You can find Instant Knockout on the official website www.instantknockout.com.

This fat burner is not available elsewhere online or in brick & motor stores.

The manufacturer only sells through the official website to ensure that you get an authentic product.

You are also guaranteed the best prices and favorable return policy.

You can choose Instant Knockout from the following options:

One-month supply – See deal

  • 1 bottle: $59.00 + shipping.

Two-month supply – See deal

  • 2 bottles: $118.00.
  • Free shipping in the USA and UK.

Ultimate shredding stack – See deal

  • 3 bottles + 1 free: $185.00.
  • Free shipping worldwide.
  • 90-day money-back guarantee.

Usage and dosage

Each bottle of Instant Knockout contains 120 capsules of 750m each, which is a supply for one month.

The manufacturer advises that you take one capsule four times a day.

The best method is taking one first thing in the morning, before your lunch, in the afternoon and the last one before your evening meal.

By spreading the intake throughout the day, you will burn the fat continuously.

Instant Knockout contains caffeine, and you are advised to take the last pill at least five hours before bedtime.

You should not exceed the recommended dose for any reason.

Who should use Instant Knockout?

Instant Knockout review

Instant Knockout is recommended for anyone above the age of 18 who is looking to reduce body fat and attain their weight goals.

This supplement is especially recommended for bodybuilders, athletes, or anyone who does intense training.

Because it was initially designed for bodybuilders and MMA fighters, you might think that Instant Knockout is only for men.

The manufacturer confirms that women can use it without the fear of ‘bulking up.’

This fat burner, however, should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Are there side effects?

According to the manufacturer, Instant Knockout is formulated from natural ingredients and therefore does not have any adverse side effects.

It does, however, contain caffeine, which might disrupt sleep if taken too close to bedtime.

According to WebMD, you should take your last coffee about six hours before bedtime otherwise you might risk sleep problems like insomnia.

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions or are taking prescription medication, it is advisable to consult with a doctor before taking this fat burner.

Pros & cons


  • It burns stubborn fat and discourages fat storage in the body.
  • It boosts energy and alertness.
  • Professional MMA fighters endorse the formula.
  • It keeps you full thus curbing cravings.
  • Can be used by both men and women.
  • Uses natural ingredients with no adverse side effects.
  • Made in FDA and GMP approved labs.


  • Free shipping is only for selected orders.
  • Contains caffeine which can disrupt sleep.
  • Results are dependent on one’s metabolism and effort.
  • Money-back guarantee does not apply to all orders.

Instant Knockout review: final verdict

instant knockout supplement

In this review, we analyzed Instant Knockout, a fat burner designed initially for MMA fighters and bodybuilders.

This supplement burns fat, boosts energy, and suppresses cravings, all of which contribute to weight loss.

Its ingredients are all-natural, and it is unlikely to cause adverse side effects.

If you are sensitive to caffeine, you might want to take it well before bedtime, as it can disrupt sleep.

You should note that the moneyback guarantee on this fat burner does not apply to all purchases.

If you have always dreamed of a ripped, sexy body like a bodybuilder, Instant Knockout can help get you there.

Do not hesitate to make your purchase today and be on your way to attaining your dream body!

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