If you were to go to doctors and psychologists, they’d say size doesn’t matter. But to most men it does. They feel like having a larger penis would help satisfy their partners fully. In most cases, when women are asked what their ideal type of man is, they rarely mention anything about penis sizes. That being said, I still don’t get why many men feel like what they’ve been given isn’t enough, who are we to judge anyway?

According to doctors, their insecurities are psychological because they have average size penises. For the sake of those men that feel that their penises are not large enough, there may be few ways to increase the penis size but most of them are temporal. Surgeries provide a permanent solution only that they’re very risky due to complications.

Having a bigger penis is what most men dream of. They associate it with their pride and becoming kings in bed. Even after knowing it has nothing to do with pleasure, they still go for it. The following presents ways of getting a bigger penis, which will boost a man’s confidence before he can go to the bedroom.

Eating the right foods and fruits

Keeping fit by eating healthy foods is a natural remedy for a bigger penis. Foods have natural minerals and vitamins that aid in penis size increment. For great results, these foods should be used together with other methods like stretching exercises.

  • Spinach contains magnesium which is helpful in blood vessel dilation. This increases blood flow to the penis which enhances the penile length and girth.
  • According to research, onions increases blood flow to every part of the body. It contains sulfur which is a natural blood thinner. Also, onions prevent blood clotting and increase testosterone production in your body.
  • Bananas contain potassium which lowers the blood pressure. This enhances healthier blood circulation throughout the body and to the penis too. Eating bananas regularly can help men in penile increments.
  • These have L-arginine, a very important ingredient for penis increment. L-arginine are amino acids that stimulate the production of nitric oxide. Nitric Oxide is useful for blood vessel dilation which promotes maximized blood flow to the penis.
  • Eating fresh fish especially tuna and salmon is good to enlarge the penis. Tuna promotes blood flow in the penis by using the L-argentine enzyme. Good blood flow promotes penile growth. Salmon has omega oil. Omega oil makes the penis tissues more potent and also enables blood circulation to the penis.
  • Figs contain amino acids which also increase penis size. It also enhances sexual energy and libido.

Using Cock Rings

These rings are made of rubber and are donut-shaped. They work by trapping blood thus making the penis bigger. The results are temporary and you have to repeat to get the same effect again.

They are placed at the base of the penis and limit blood that’s flowing out of the penis by applying pressure. This pressure ensures that blood flows out of the penis slowly. With more blood flowing in and less blood flowing out of the penis, its size is made larger. However, using rings causes pain, swelling, and numbness around the penis.

Using penis Pumps and Extenders

Penis pump stretches the penis thus making it bigger and also creating an immediate erection. It works by forcing blood flow into the penis at an increased rate. The penis pump pulls blood to the penis by using their pump mechanism. Pulling blood to the penile tissues causes the penis to enlarge in size. If it causes pain or discomfort, use it less often. Also, ensure that blood is not trapped in the penis for more than 30 minutes for it can cause permanent damage.

A penis extender device can be used in a flaccid penis. After fastening and gripping the penis in the silicon tube, you’re supposed to pull the penis slowly. Once stretched leave it for some time. The good thing with traction devices is that they can be used regularly for about 4 to 9 hours per day. For more info check this article: TOP 5: Best Penis Extenders 2020. They Will Make Your Penis Bigger!


This is a stretching exercise done by hand. Using the thumb and the index finger to create an O shape, place the shape at the base of the penis, grasp the penis a little tighter or make the O smaller while grasping the shaft. Move the hand to the head of the penis. Repeat the process for about 20-30 minutes.

Since this method can cause pain to the penis, reduce the pressure you use while jelqing.

Liposuction and stem cell surgery

This is a surgical procedure done to remove abdominal fat and then transferred to the penis to make it bigger. This is the most natural surgical procedure because you use your stem cells which are less likely to be rejected. Unlike when you are using another person’s stem cells. Once the fats are removed and purified, they are mixed with the stem cells and placed in the penis.

Using your stem cells is also less likely to cause infections, reactions, and other complications.

Relaxation tactic

Stress and anxiety play some roles in penile sizes. You see, when you’re stressed out or worried about anything, you restrict blood from flowing freely through the arteries. This is because when anxious or stressed out, the muscles found in penile contracts thus restricting enough blood to the penile. On the other hand, when you’re relaxed, the penile muscles also relax and open the arteries which ensure enough blood flow. This boosts the length and girth of your penile.

Staying Warm

Being in a cold environment causes the penis to appear smaller because it shrinks. So, before getting into the action, take a warm shower or use a warm towel to massage it.  A warm shower or towel helps to relax the arteries and maximizes the blood flow. Having enough blood flow into the penis will make it larger.