Many men dream of having big muscles and washboard abs, similar to those of bodybuilders.

Getting to that point, however, takes much time and effort, causing many people to give up midway.

Others result in taking harmful products such as steroids and end up with nasty side effects that compromise their health.

They also end up spending too much money with nothing to show for it.

To address this, the fitness market has come up with dietary supplements that promote muscle building minus the adverse side effects.

In this review, we will look at D-Bal Max, one such muscle building supplement.

We will tell you exactly what it is, how it works, what it is made from, and also explain its benefits.

We will also tell you where you can buy it and how much it costs, and even share some thoughts from users.

What is D-Bal Max?

D-Bal Max is a performance-enhancing supplement fashioned after a popular steroid but without the nasty side effects.

It promises to deliver rapid muscle gains, maximum strength, and explosive workouts to leave you ripped and stronger than ever before.

D-Bal Max is formulated with fast-acting, potent ingredients that are safe, legal, and affordable, unlike real steroids that do more harm than good.

The manufacturer describes it as dynamite that will ignite raw strength and turn your body into a fat-burning, muscle-building machine.

Over 180,000 bottles of D-Bal Max have been sold to men who have gone on to transform their bodies.

About the brand

The D-Bal Max brand is manufactured by Vobue Ltd., a company based in Cyprus.

Vobue makes several other health and sports supplements designed by nutrition experts, fitness professionals and health consultants.

Each of its products is formulated from the most effective, well-researched ingredients of the highest quality.

Further, Vobue manufactures all the supplements in FDA approved facilities.

It also has a dedicated customer care desk ready to answer all queries on nutrition, health, and fitness.

How does D-Bal Max work?

d-bal max legal steroids

D-Bal Max harnesses the power of its ingredients to build an anabolic environment in the body enabling it to build muscle, strength, and increase performance.

Specifically, it:

Increases protein synthesis– According to WebMD, protein is the building block of muscles, without which the body cannot build muscle or have strong bones. By increasing protein synthesis, D-Bal Max helps the body to repair and rebuild muscles damaged from a strenuous workout, allowing them to grow bigger and stronger.

It reduces serotonin and fatigue– During an intense workout, the body produces large amounts of serotonin which raises the feeling of fatigue. D-Bal works by lowering the levels of serotonin in the body, thus delaying the onset of fatigue. This allows you to work out harder and longer, resulting in muscle gains.

It boosts testosterone & growth hormone levels– Testosterone and the growth hormone are crucial when it comes to building muscle. According to, testosterone stimulates protein synthesis, increasing muscle mass, and strength. It also increases the growth factor, lowers body fat, and boosts metabolism.

D-Bal Max benefits

Some of the gains you can expect from D-Bal Max are:

  • Increased muscle mass
  • A boost in strength
  • Explosive performance
  • An increase in testosterone levels
  • Faster recovery from workouts
  • An increase in self-confidence

Ingredients list

d-bal max label

D-Bal Max is formulated from a blend of potent, performance-enhancing supplements that include:

Pro BAAC Complex-BAAC’s or branched-chain amino acids comprise of leucine, isoleucine, and valine, three essential amino acids that are only found in food sources. According to Healthline, BAAC’s contribute to muscle growth, decreased muscle fatigue, and alleviation of muscle soreness. They also increase protein synthesis, which helps to accelerate muscle repair and growth.

20-Hydroxyecdysterone– This is a naturally occurring plant extract that is often referred to as a plant steroid. Other than increasing protein synthesis, it improves nitrogen retention in the muscles. A positive nitrogen balance boosts muscle growth.

Whey protein complex– This is a combination that contains amino acids that are quickly absorbed by the body and go to work to build muscle, increase strength, and stimulate growth. The whey protein in D-Bal Max ensures that your muscles stay fed throughout, maximizing gains.

D-Bal Max user reviews

d-bal max supplement

We could not find any customer reviews on the official D-Bal Max website, which was somewhat surprising.

The manufacturer claims that it has been sold to over 180,000 customers, but it sure would help to hear from some of them!

Therefore, we looked around the internet to see what supplement websites think of D-Bal Max. This is what we found: was not that impressed, particularly when it comes to the ingredients:

‘There’s no official published ingredient list, and what we did find, shows it to be lacking. The 20-hydroxy ecdysterone is good, but with 100 mg of whey protein being touted as some big deal, we have to call foul. You can get much higher amounts of whey and other better ingredients in products that you can find both in stores and online’.

We found one online user review from a bodybuilder who says:

‘I read about Dianabol and how it can build muscle. I don’t want to actually take steroids, but the plant steroid in this seemed like a good choice. And I’m so glad I chose it! I went with the three-month supply, and I started seeing results a few weeks in. I feel better, too! The main thing I wanted to work on was definition – my muscle mass was decent, but my definition left something to be desired. Now I can actually see the muscle I’ve worked so hard to build’.

Where to buy D-Bal Max and how much it costs

D-Bal Max is available for purchase from the official website

You will not find it in popular e-commerce stores such as Amazon or eBay.

While this may seem like a limit in options, it actually is an advantage to you as the buyer.

This is because when you buy from the official website, you are assured of getting the genuine product unlike online where you can get counterfeited supplements.

You will also get the best-discounted prices, free worldwide shipping, and a money back guarantee.

On the official website, D-Bal Max is available as follows:

One-month supply – See deal

  • 2 tubes: $68.95
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Five bonus Workout & Training Guides
  • Free subscription to Tips & Tricks Newsletter

Three-month supply – See deal

  • 6 tubes + ½ month free: $139.95
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Five bonus Workout & Training Guides
  • Free subscription to Tips & Tricks Newsletter

Six-month supply – See deal

  • 12 tubes +2 months free: $279.85
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Five bonus Workout & Training Guides
  • Free subscription to Tips & Tricks Newsletter

Usage and dosage

Each D-Bal Max tube contains 45 capsules, and you will need two to take you through the month.

The manufacturer recommends that you take three tablets per day with plenty of water, ideally before your workout.

We have not been given any information on whether you need to cycle this supplement, so it is best to be observant to see if it’s still working for you as intended.

Who should use D-Bal Max?

d-bal max pills

D-Bal Max is recommended for men who are looking to build muscle and get ripped.

It is also ideal for bodybuilders and other professional athletes who need massive strength and explosive performance to stay competitive.

Finally, this muscle builder will work well for men who have tried other products without much success.

Are there side effects?

The manufacturer assures us that D-Bal Max does not cause any adverse side effects.

Even if it is fashioned after and gives the results of a steroid, it is entirely safe and legal and does not contain any steroids.

It will, therefore, not give you acne, man boobs, shrink your testicles or cause other embarrassing side effects.

Pros & cons


  • It increases muscle mass
  • It boosts strength and performance
  • Does not contain synthetic additives
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Ships free worldwide
  • Made in FDA approved labs


  • Quite expensive when compared to other muscle builders
  • Some ingredients are in low qualities
  • The results are not typical and will vary with people

D-Bal Max review: final verdict

d-bal max muscle building

If you are looking to get ripped without suffering the side effects of steroids, then D-Bal Max is for you.

We have seen that this supplement will boost muscle growth, increase your strength, and supercharge your performance.

It is formulated from active ingredients that have been proven to work as advertised.

One of the minor concerns we have with D-Bal Max is that it has no user reviews on the official website.

More significantly, however, we are concerned about the price, which is too high for a three-ingredient product.

The benefits, however, are difficult to argue with.

If you desire to bulk up and kill all your gym workouts to attain your dream body, then we suggest that you get D-Bal Max.

When you do, you will find that the price is definitely worth the gains!