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Looking for that bright, colorful and useful document you saw floating around at a meeting? Or perhaps you have your sights set on the newest USDA application for a program important to you? Either way, we’ve got you covered. Our Resources page makes it easy to search archived documents by filtering out document type (applications, how-to guides, legislation, reports, etc.), topic (farmer’s markets, composting, community gardens, etc.) and by a CCCFPC working group. Apply as many filters as you want. Once you are ready to move on and try another search, hit the “reset” button and start anew. If you have additional documents that you think should be housed on our page, please feel free to contact us and we can review and categorize it.

Type: Guide / How-To, Report

 “Urban Agriculture, Composting and Zoning: A zoning code model for promoting composting and organic waste diversion through sustainable urban agriculture” is a...

Topics: Community Gardens, Composting, Food Production, Land Use & Planning, Policy, Public Health, Urban Agriculture, Zoning
Read more Jun 14, 2012 Download PDF application/pdf icon (2.75 MB)
Type: Policy Summary
Topics: Composting
Working Groups: Food Waste Recovery
Read more Apr 17, 2014 Download PDF application/pdf icon (142.34 KB)