Summer Internship Opportunities at the PRCHN

This summer the PRCHN is excited to announce two tracks available for interns! First, we have a wide range of opportunities available to undergrads and grad students looking for internships to gain experience in public health research areas such as: field data collection, survey administration, interviewing techniques and public health database development. Second, if you already have skill in the areas of data analysis, public health database development, or GIS/ArcGIS and are looking for additional experience in these areas, we are also offering skill-specific intern opportunities.
Any interested students should complete the Internship Application online at
Some of the projects here at the PRCHN offering intern opportunities this summer include:
NEAP: The Neighborhood Environmental Assessment Project (NEAP) is an environmental surveillance resource at the PRCHN that houses Cleveland wide data on the local environment. Data is collected regularly using standardized protocols for various projects, including assessments of food retail establishments, farmers’ markets, and school environments. Interns working on NEAP projects will be trained in ground-truthing procedures and conducting surveillance and/or audits of community environment in Cleveland’s urban neighborhoods.
FRESHLINK: The FreshLink core project is a five year research initiative that actively works to create a healthier community by identifying and testing ways to increase access to healthy foods in urban neighborhoods. FreshLink is an applied public health dissemination and implementation study. The goal is to work hand-in-hand with community partners to evaluate and improve the reach, adoption, and impact of farmers’ markets, Produce Perks, and the EFNEP among SNAP recipients living in low-income neighborhoods in Greater Cleveland, Ohio. Intern opportunities may include survey administration, ethnographic observations, data entry and data analysis.
YRBS: The goal of the CC-YRBS is to monitor and track the risk behavior of the Cuyahoga County youth to inform, evaluate, and identify emerging needs for health programming and policy. The CC-YRBS is a survey used to track adolescent risk behavior over time. It is tailored to fit local needs and consists of questions on a variety of topics including bullying, alcohol and other drug use, weight and nutrition, and protective behaviors. Students will become part of the CC-YRBS team for the duration of the experience and may participate in various aspects of the project. Opportunities this summer include meetings with the team and other partners, preparation of data collection, data entry, and reporting of results.