Rust Belt Riders Helping Northeast Ohio Learn About Food Waste and Composting

Rust Belt Riders will be working with a wide variety of community stakeholders to deploy a mobile classroom and resource center that will have residencies in four Cleveland neighborhoods: Central-Kinsman, Detroit Shoreway, Glenville, and Slavic Village. By building on the work already under way in partnership with Cleveland Neighborhood Progress and their Climate Ambassadors they will retrofit and modify the ICAN 2 Lab, designed by RSELVES to serve as a gathering point for community action around climate change and adaptation. Rust Belt Riders will focus on the environmental issues that exist as a result of rampant food waste. 

To achieve this they are working with RSELVES to make use of their ICAN 2 Lab, a renovated shipping container, equipped with amenities such as wi­fi, computer tablets, creative tools, workbench type tables, and an open environment designed to promote creativity and versatility. This lab will serve as a gathering point for dialogue, problem-solving, and workshops on topics related to environmental justice generally and food waste in particular. 

Rust Belt Riders will leverage the already ongoing efforts of Cleveland Neighborhood Progress and their Climate Ambassadors who are leading community outreach and engagement efforts on topics of climate adaptation. The ICAN 2 Lab will serve to bolster their efforts while also providing site-specific educational opportunities.