HELP FUND-RAISE for Healthy Corner Stores initiative in Cleveland!

VIA Tremont West Development Corporation of Cleveland, Ohio:

Starting today, we are participating in an online fundraiser via the Enterprise Nurture an Idea Award CrowdRise Challenge. In case you’re not familiar with CrowdRise, it’s a web-based fundraising vehicle that capitalizes on crowd sourcing and peer to peer fundraising.


We are competing with 10 other Ohio-based nonprofits for a $10,000 grant funded by Ohio Savings Bank. Whoever raises the most money wins that $10,000, but we also keep all of the money raised by our team regardless of winning the grant. We have a goal of $30,000 to help support the Tremont Healthy Corner Store Initiative this year. The challenge will begin at 12:00AM on October 14th and run until 11:59PM on November 8th. We need your help today!


Here is how you can help:


1.       Fundraise! Set up your own online donation page in less than FIVE minutes. Create your own fundraising page by going here and clicking “Fundraise for this Campaign.” You can easily share with all your friends, family and colleagues to ask them to donate. Email the link to your page or post it on a social media site to make fundraising one click away for your supporters. If each of us raises $700, we would easily meet our goal!

2.       Not interested in creating your own fundraising page? Give whatever you can on Tremont West’s donation page here .


Please note: Only donations made directly to Tremont West’s donation page during the Challenge period (October 14th - November 8th) will be counted for consideration for the $10,000 prize.


If you have any questions about the CrowdRise fundraiser or are having trouble creating your fundraising page, please email your questions to rdg [at] enterprisecommunity [dot] org. I’d also be happy to help you set up your own page.


Thank you so much for your help and support. We can’t do it without you!



Lindsay Smetana 

AmeriCorps VISTA Member

Tremont West Development Corporation

2406 Professor Avenue

Cleveland, Ohio 44113

Phone: 216.575.0920 x102

Fax: 216.575.0998